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For those who wish to learn more about Paraty's history:

Books are essential! In most cases the material can be tiring.

Here are the most famous titles, most of which can be found in Paraty's library (only in Portuguese).

Paraty, Caminho do Ouro: Heitor Gurgel and Edelweiss C. do Amaral

Paraty started around 1600. The first settlement was on the other side of the river where they erected a church to their patron "St. Roque". Around 1640 the Indians who used to live here were driven away and the town moved to where it stands now with another patron, "Our Lady of Remedies".
In 1667 it separates itself from Angra dos Reis and attained the title of "Villa".

Paraty became very important in the 1800's because the gold found in Minas Gerais was shipped from here to Portugal. During this period of wealth the two story houses began to be built and Paraty became the second most important port of Brazil. This was called the "gold cycle".

The best pinga or cachaça (sugar cane liquor) of Brazil was produced here and the name Paraty became synonymous of this liquor.
Coffee being brought from the valley of Paraiba and shipped to Portugal was another of its economic booms.

In 1888 with the abolition of the slavery, Paraty became almost forgotten in time, and a large exodus left a population of around 600, a considerable difference from the 16.000 when it was at its prime.

In 1954 a road was opened linking the town to the inland through the valley of Paraiba, but it was not until 1973-75 with the opening of the highway BR-101 that Paraty really starts a tourist cycle that continues until today.

Paraty was declared a national monument in 1966.

The Historic Center

Paraty offers a wide variety of things to do and see during your visit. Strolling the streets of the historical center, with it's beautifully preserved colonial architecture, stopping in the numerous art galleries and stores, stepping back in time in the churches and museums, sampling the exquisite food, enjoying the music or just relaxing in the tranquil atmosphere are but a few of the options that the old town presents you with.

Surrounding this oasis of history and charm is another equally fascinating world full of natural beauty, adventure and fun.

The Bay

In Paraty's bay you can find over 65 tropical islands and dozens of beaches, each offering something different and all covered with vegetation that remains lush and colorful year round. The water of the bay is always the right temperature for swimming, diving and snorkeling. There are numerous ways to explore it, the most common is on a five-hour schooner trip but diving excursions, fishing trips, day and overnight sailing adventures and zippy powerboat outings are all available.

The Beaches

Beautiful beaches can be found a short distance from Paraty by car, bike, bus or boat. They all have different characteristics and at most you will find a friendly beach hut where you
can have something cold to drink and fresh
fish delicacies.

The National Forests

The national parks that encircle the town are filled with trails, wildlife and waterfalls. The natural and exotic beauty of the area should not be missed, and will not be easily forgotten. Hiking or horseback riding, for the sports minded, or a jeep or van tour is both excellent ways to enjoy and appreciate this natural wilderness.

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